IAM Consulting Services, Able+ 5day Implementation

New Era Technology

IAM Consulting Services will assess and implement the level of the IAM tool Able+ that your company requires. Including security, compliance, governance orchestration & automation workflow.

New Era will assess your environment to determine the different modules of the IAM Solution Able+ essential to meet your company's identity requirements and complete the implementation. Depending on your needs, the Able+ Solution as a managed service may be the best fit. Able+ is a power and intuitive identity and access management (IAM) solution with orchestration level workflow integration across the Microsoft Estate that simplifies your users' access and streamlines your identity governance and administration (IGA). Its unique workflow engine and visual workflow editor can orchestrate multiple sources of identity data to create a single source of truth and improve the organizations’ security by reporting and automating responses regardless if it is a simple event or as elaborate as a fully automated sequence of actions. Able+ can seamlessly manage your users’ lifecycles by connecting Azure Active Directory to your organization’s most authoritative sources of identity information. For example, changes within your organization’s Human Resources (HR) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems can trigger lifecycle events within AD, such as when an employee change’s role or a customer purchases a new product. Similarly, information within AD, such as a user’s email address, can be synchronized to these authoritative systems.