Azure Devops Implementation: 3 Weeks

Coforge Ltd.

Proof of Concept for an Application migration from On-premises/Other Cloud to Azure, application modernization and automated DevSecOps.

Helping client in migrating applications from On-premises/Other Cloud to Azure in a totally PAAS based infrastructure. Architectural help and consultancy for modernizing the application and creating a CI/CD DevOps pipelines using Azure DevOps. POC will be for one application only to be completed in 3 weeks or less time.

About the Solution:
Our Cloud and DevOps Framework helps the client in planning and executing application migration project from On-premises/Other Cloud to Azure along with Azure DevOps CI/CD implementation.

  • Assessment & Application Categorization based on 6R strategy
  • Creating high level migration plan and to be architecture for Application Migration.
  • Provision the PAAS based Azure Infrastructure environments (Dev, QA, UAT, Prod etc.).
  • Creating CI/CD DevOps pipelines using Azure DevOps.
  • Modernize the application with all PAAS based components / micro services based architecture.
  • Securing and Hardening environments.
Key Features/ Benefits:
Some of the key features/ Benefits of our solution are:
  • Modernized application with more scalable, flexible and secure architecture.
  • Azure DevOps implementation builds are auto deployed and tested resulting in Time and effort saving.
  • Secured infrastructure with secured deployment process using Azure DevOps & Compliance based security requirements.

Industry Focus:
HR and Staffing firms, Insurance, Banking and Financial Services, Travel Transportation and Hospitality, Manufacturing etc.