Managed Azure Container Orchestration

Nordcloud an IBM company

Nordclouds Managed Container Orchestration Service provides a scalable support capability for Container Management and Orchestration built around Azure Kubernetes Service and Azure Red Hat OpenShift.

The use of containers can be an important part of cloud modernisation efforts, increasing business agility by taking advantage of Azure’s capabilities. But managing a container platform can be a challenging task, especially if you aim to keep speed and scalability, with clear cost allocation to various business units and 24/7 support for the infrastructure.

By leveraging managed containers, you can quickly and easily deploy applications and services to Azure without the need for additional infrastructure or manual configuration.

The Managed Azure Container Orchestration Service is a fully managed service with continuous development and best practices implementation. The Service brings together operational management capabilities to ensure the smooth operation of the Azure hosted container platforms.

The Managed Container Orchestration Service provides the skills, expertise and tooling to manage your Container platform for day 2 Operations. The supported container platforms in Azure are:

  • Openshift Container Platform & ARO
  • Kubernetes - AKS
Nordclouds Managed Container Orchestration Service enables 24x7 monitoring with incident management, backup, patching and services for minor version upgrades. Service request support is available 8x5.

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