SAP on Azure migration

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Improve business agility, control costs and enable stable day two operations with Nordcloud’s end-to-end SAP Migration.

Are you looking to migrate your SAP estate, but face challenges with shortage of SAP and Azure experts, preventing you from achieving results quickly? One of the biggest hurdles to overcome when moving services to the cloud is to start addressing mission critical applications and services such as SAP.

SAP sits at the heart of everything, and communicates with virtually all parts of the company as well as external partners. As such, it’s essential to understand not only SAP, but also its dependencies to and from other applications, to secure a successful migration of services and operations to the cloud.

We help organisations with their SAP cloud journeys, creating tangible business value through a flexible and cost-efficient architecture, enabling cost reductions, stable operations and enhanced efficiency through automation frameworks. We do so by employing a battle proven migration approach, that minimises migration risks and any negative impact to ongoing day-2-day operations.

You can enhance business agility through cloud-native automated deployments with a SAP on Azure Migration. You’ll reduce CapEx infrastructure costs, maximise availability and business continuity, and – crucially – improve security, all alongside the many benefits of cloud hosting as opposed to on-premise solutions.

Nordcloud’s SAP landscape migration to Azure

  • A standardised assessment framework that looks at your existing SAP landscape and prepares it for migration
  • A complete, end-to-end project plan with minimal dependencies and reduced risks
  • A proven migration methodology with an automation framework, to minimise manual effort and speed up the whole process
  • A fit-for-purpose SAP foundation that builds on a best-in-class Azure Cloud Foundation
  • SAP architecture built on the Azure Well-Architected Framework, to guarantee the quality of your SAP workloads

Contact us for a free 1-hour briefing, where you’ll learn more about:

  • How to establish your incentives for SAP migration to Azure and outline the main benefits of SAP migration to Azure
  • How to undergo a high-level assessment of your entire existing SAP estate
  • Expert advice around how to kickstart your migration journey effectively and efficiently
  • How a 2-day Kickstart Workshop will help you get going