.NET/Java/OSS App Modernization Bootcamp: 4 Wk POC

Nous Infosystems Inc.

Azure app modernization accelerates enterprise transformation, and ensures seamless Azure migration, enhanced by DevOps CI/CD and governed by Azure Governance.

Presenting the Modernization Bootcamp

A 4-week POC program for revitalizing .NET/Java/OSS applications. Our comprehensive app modernization initiative extends beyond adaptation, leveraging Azure Container App and Azure App Services for a seamless transition. The bootcamp focuses on a smooth migration to Azure, ensuring a shift and a strategic move towards future-ready, scalable operations.

Nous offers tailored app modernization services, addressing unique business needs. Our process goes beyond Azure migration, optimizing and future-proofing applications. Azure integration services are pivotal in creating a dynamic, interconnected digital infrastructure that adapts to evolving business needs.

Engagement Plan

Week 1

  • App modernization bootcamp
  • Engagement scope and target application* definition
  • Review app architecture, resource usage, dependencies, etc.
  • Assessment, analysis, and requirements baselining
  • Analyze architectural options; identify end-state architecture

Week 2

  • Define/build microservices architecture for identified application(s) in scope
  • Migrate application(s) and integrate into Azure App Services
  • Deploy Azure DevOps CI/CD pipeline for development services

Week 3

  • Test run, validation, verification
  • Release management workflow
  • Blue-Green deployment strategy

Week 4

  • Azure control plane telemetry and log dashboards
  • Declarative resource management – continuous monitoring, alarm setup, incident mgmt. workflows
  • Auto-scaling
  • Governance, security, support framework definition


  • Azure App Services Bootcamp
  • Modernization approach documentation
  • Azure governance, policies and security blueprints
  • Fully architected and modernized application in customer Azure account for selected application(s) and use case(s)
  • Azure DevOps CI/CD pipeline with automated tasks
  • Best practice guide to operating and manage Azure App Services environment