AWS to Azure Economics Analysis and 3-week POC

Nous Infosystems Inc.

This POC and Cloud economic assessment uses Nous A2Z™, a full-stack migration accelerator tool to migrate network, storage, database, virtual machines, and application workloads from AWS to Azure.

Nous A2Z™ is an intuitive GUI guided tool that accelerates AWS to Azure migrations of network, storage, database, virtual machines, and application workloads at reduced risks, costs, and complexities. The tool also performs a cloud economics assessment for TCO estimations to compare AWS vs. Azure environments.

The tool enables the user to select the workloads to be migrated to Azure and repeat migrations on multiple Azure subscriptions.

This proof of concept (POC) will demonstrate the tool and migrate selected workloads from AWS to Azure in just 3 weeks.

Engagement Plan

Week 1

  • Discovery of AWS resources using Nous A2Z tool
  • Cloud Economics Assessment - AWS to Azure
  • Define AWS resource migration scope based on type and use cases.
  • Week 2

  • Using A2Z tool migrate the selected workloads and use cases to Azure
  • Verify and validate dependencies, configuration settings and integrations in Azure
  • Implement Azure CAF (Cloud Adoption Framework) governance best practices
  • Week 3

  • Validate and compare migrated workloads in Azure for performance, security and compliance
  • Demonstrate identified workload(s) to be fully functional in customer’s Azure account
  • Implementation roadmap and best practices for full migration from AWS to Azure
  • Azure CAF governance workshop
  • Deliverables

  • Cloud Economics Assessment for AWS to Azure Migration
  • Selected AWS workload(s) fully migrated to customer’s Azure account
  • Azure CAF governance workshop
  • Implementation roadmap/proposal for full migration from AWS to Azure