Azure Well-Architected Framework: 3-Day Assessment

Objectivity Sp. z o.o

Objectivity’s 3-Day Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Assessment will enable you to gain a more accurate understanding of the pros and cons of your cloud estate  

By taking part in Objectivity’s AWF: 3-Day Assessment, you’ll be able to validate your existing solution against Microsoft Azure best practices. You’ll gain a more accurate understanding of your cloud architecture along with a detailed report, which will enable you to effectively optimise your workloads, ensuring they are reliable, scalable, secure, and cost-efficient. 

Test your cloud architecture against Microsoft’s 5 Well-Architected pillars: 

Cost Management – remove redundant cloud costs and stop spending your budget on unnecessary resources. 

Operational Excellence – deliver business value and maintain the quality of your supporting processes by learning how to run and monitor your systems in the most optimal manner.  

Performance Efficiency – meet your system requirements and maintain their high quality by applying the right procedures to manage your computing resources.  

Reliability – acquire the computing resources you need to meet demand and mitigate operational disruptions by ensuring your system can quickly recover from infrastructure and service failures. 

Security – deliver business value while protecting your information, systems, and assets by applying the most effective risk assessment and mitigation strategies.  

Our AWF: 3-Day Assessment will provide you with: 

Day 1 | Workshop Kick-Off 

  • A definition of the assessment’s key pillars
  • An accurately estimated scope of the review
  • Workload selection/prioritisation

Day 2 | Workload Review & Recommendations 

  • A review of your workload
  • A write up of recommendations and a roadmap

Day 3 | Summary Report 

  • A detailed report summarising the workshop and recommendations