Professional Services for Prisma Cloud CWP Optimization

Palo Alto Networks, Inc.

Optimize your Prisma Cloud CWP integration on Microsoft Azure with tangible output of recommendations for SecOps team activities to enhance the Prisma Cloud playbook, workflows, and processes.

Prisma Cloud is a comprehensive Cloud Workload Protection solution that delivers flexible protection to secure cloud VMs, containers and Kubernetes apps, serverless functions, and containerized offerings within the Microsoft Azure Cloud. With Prisma Cloud, DevOps and the cloud infrastructure teams they can adopt an architecture that fits their needs without worrying about security, keeping pace with release cycles or protecting a variety of tech stacks, within the Microsoft Azure Cloud environment.

Cloud native applications scale dynamically, requiring a modern, automated approach to protection that prevents applications from unwanted activity and threats. Shift left and embed cloud security across the entire development lifecycle on Microsoft Azure, from Build to Deploy to Run.

Palo Alto Networks Professional Services for Prisma Cloud CWP Optimization is a catered offering designed to assist with optimizing the Prisma Cloud SecOps team’s workflows, processes, and their Prisma Cloud playbooks within the customer Microsoft Azure environment. The Services include project management, consulting, documentation, and knowledge transfer./p>

Key Deliverables

  • Planning - include review of the project requirements (new deployment), discuss milestone timelines, identify the Customer’s project team members and follow-up action items
  • Optimization - Palo Alto Networks consultant will meet with Customers SecOps team to review continuation of activities and optimize Prisma Cloud in SecOps workflows and processes
  • Visibility Review
  • Cloud and Serverless Discovery
  • Defender coverage
  • Security Settings Review
  • Compute System Settings
  • WAAS APP Implementation Tuning
  • Scan and WildFire Settings
  • Review Incident Explorer with Forensic View
  • Vulnerability and compliance alert ad policy tuning
  • Review Vulnerability Explorer
  • Utilizing the ATT&CK Explorer
  • Utilizing Radars
  • Review Custom Image and Host Compliance Checks
  • Review Custom Runtime Rules
  • Review Host/Container/Serverless audits
  • Review Container Models
  • Review Runtime Incidents and Host Observations
  • Image Analysis Sandbox Testing and Configuration
  • Review CI/CD scanning process
  • Knowledge Transfer - Palo Alto Networks consultant will provide knowledge transfer and an Optimization Recommendation Document upon completion of all tasks identified in the service description