Cloud Adoption: 2-Week Workshop

PGS Software SA

Wondering whether you’re getting the Cloud right? Our Cloud Adoption Workshop will show you exactly how the Cloud can benefit your business.

Many companies see the benefits of moving to the Cloud but aren’t sure how to approach Cloud adoption. The main problems include a struggle to estimate costs, security or compliance doubts and a general lack of certainty how the Cloud will affect day-to-day operations.

To overcome this and gain a detailed understanding of Cloud capabilities, companies should assess their IT situation, define the scope of the migration, estimate the project costs and define an MVP.

The Cloud Adoption Workshop helps with it.

With the Cloud Adoption Workshop – with the support of Solution Architects and Business Analysts – you get:

  • a high-level project scope and defined workloads to migrate;
  • an architecture of the final solution;
  • a detailed plan for the MVP.

Example of agenda:

Day 1

  • Introduction to Azure - overview of benefits, patterns, procedures, and governance
  • Definition of company business and technology objectives in context of the project
  • High level discovery of existing workloads and infrastructure

Day 2

  • Selection of workloads in the scope of MVP (low hanging fruits)
  • Setting goals for the MVP deployment
  • Preparing assessment: workload migration readiness

Day 3

  • Assessment of infrastructure and workload to be migrated

Day 4-9 (off-site)

  • Planning necessary Azure infrastructure
  • Estimating cost of the infrastructure
  • Planning the deployment environment and migration environment
  • Planning migration of the MVP workloads

Day 10

  • Session with the stakeholders to present solutions and collect feedback
  • Introducing adjustments and defining the next steps in the project (MVP Deployment)

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