Confidential Compute 10 week Assessment


Leverage full control over your data in the cloud and utilize it to further enable your business

PwC has teamed with Microsoft to develop Confidential Compute: solutions that will allow you to leverage full control over your data in the cloud and utilize it to further enable your business. This will allow you to shift focus towards unleashing cloud computing with confidence and enable additional compliance requirements. Spend less time worrying about protecting the business, concentrate on leading it.

Azure Confidential Computing uses hardware to isolate your data in a trusted execution environment so you can

  • Own & Control your data in transit & rest
  • Verify & Protect your data in use

Customer Challenge:

  • Data requiring conclusive assurances of its security and falls under specific regulatory demands
  • Existing Microsoft Azure consumption
  • Technical capabilities needed to adopt the capabilities of the Azure Confidential Computing

Desired Outcomes:

  • Data security in the cloud that satisfies regulations while enabling new use cases like using privacy-preserving analytics to accelerate AI ops
  • Next generation technologies that balance security, business agility and performance

PwC and Microsoft technologies can:

  • Assess your environment and business use cases to determine the eligibility and readiness to utilized Azure Confidential Computing technologies
  • Craft a roadmap for development to confidential computing, with support for business growth