ProArch - Data Portal: 3-wk Implementation

ProArch Technologies, Inc.

Allows organizations to try the ProArch Data Portal, a product that allows organizations to share PowerBI reports to external, 3rd party & internal consumers through a secure, branded portal.

Work with ProArch to understand how the technology works, deploy the portal and integrate it in to your organization. Convert the pilot in to a full live instance if the product is a good fit for your needs.

• Rapidly deploy a web portal for sharing reports and analytics securely with your people and external parties (which may include your customers, partners, affiliates, members, etc. )

• Build and share reports cost effectively for high user count scenarios

• Build and share reports in organizations that do not use Microsoft Azure Active Directory identities

• Build and share reports with people that need an identity (login) created for them

• Use the industry leading Microsoft PowerBI toolset to build your insights and reports

• Leverage multiple layers of security to ensure your data is never shared with the wrong people

The data portal leverages Microsoft's PowerBI embedded to provide the core engine of the portal, which is built on top of Azure PaaS Services - an App Service Plan, Key Vault, Network and CosmosDB database). Additional security is applied through the use of FrontDoor, firewalls, domain filtering, and custom context passed from the logged in user to PowerBI for advanced row level security scenarios.