Protera - Move to Azure: 2-Week Cloud Assessment

Protera Technologies, Inc.

Jumpstart workloads on Azure with a custom 2-week cloud assessment

Jumpstart your adoption of cloud in just two weeks with Protera, the preferred SAP on Azure migration partner. This 2-week engagement includes a customized cloud assessment and Cloud Adoption Plan for migrating workloads to Azure securely, architected correctly the first time.

This cloud assessment is for technical and business stakeholders looking for a clear roadmap that takes into consideration the current IT landscape and models the future environment on Azure with costs, timeline, target architecture, and project plan included.

Deliverables The custom cloud assessment includes a customized migration assessment and a Cloud Adoption Plan (CAP).

Strategy & Govern workshop for migrating servers to Azure Projected target cloud ecosystem architecture -- Design Azure architecture based on extensive experience and Protera Arion® library of transformation rules. Model cloud costs -- Automatically model migration and run costs based on Azure infrastructure options. Cloud Adoption Plan – highlights migration method and timelines.

A partner with a deep engineering relationship with Microsoft, Protera uses a well-architected cloud adoption framework backed by automation to reduce complexity, accelerate timelines, and drive down the cost of critical application migrations versus a traditional approach.