SAP on Azure Migration: 3-Day Assessment +Planning

Protera Technologies, Inc.

Quickly assess and estimate your SAP migration to Azure with the Arion platform. Arion's intelligent automations can save you up to 50% in time and cost versus other migration methodologies.

Protera Arion® is a Migration Automation Services and Solutions Platform for SAP on Azure migrations. The certified Arion® platform allows you to accelerate your journey to Azure reducing risk, downtime, and cost. Arion® creates a cloud plan with timeline, project plan, architecture, migration and run costs, and helps you understand your options for Azure cloud cost optimization along with Azure infrastructure optimization.

Analyze existing SAP systems -- Automatically analyze existing SAP platform to identify any issues that might impact migrations.

Design target cloud ecosystem architecture -- Automatically design Azure architecture based on extensive Arion® library of transformation rules.

Model cloud costs -- Automatically model migration and run costs based Azure infrastructure options.

Design and validate migration plan -- Finalize and validate migration method and timelines.