Application Cloud Readiness:14-16 Weeks Assessment


Get detailed inputs into Azure cloud readiness, server network dependency, validation of network readiness.

If you are looking at either starting your cloud journey on the right foot to Azure or realigning your efforts to meet long-term business objectives, Proximus is the trusted partner who can not only advise & create a roadmap for modernization but also execute the strategy.

Cloud Assessment is the approach to identify the workloads that are Azure Cloud compatible and which can function as good as they function on premise, with a strategical migration roadmap in the form of move group and the required treatments.

Application Cloud Readiness Assessment :

Detailed analysis of apps/infra, right treatment recommendations (7R) for target public cloud, dependency analysis and migration planning strategy

Activities Covered :

Assessment based on HCL EXACT Framework. Includes the following activities:

1. Energize :

a. Gather the existing documents b. Existing CMDB c. Server(s) to application mapping

2. Planning & Tool based discovery :

a. Tool procurement b. Baselining the inventory c. Tool deployment d. Workshop planning

3. Analysis :

a. Infrastructure details b. Inter-dependencies c. Performance Data d. Backup & Storage

4. Craft :

a. Go/ No Go Recommendations b. Treatment Recommendations c. Finalized Move Group d. Target Instance Sizing e. Migration Parameters f. To-be architecture

5. Cloud Migration :

Sources and Tools :

Cloudscape Discovery, F2F Workshops, HCL Dprizm, Vendor Technology specific assessment tools

Pre-Requisites/ Assessment Levers :

1. Application Criteria 2. Legacy technology considerations 3. Application dependencies 4. Application and DB versions 5. Business criticality 6. Data sensitivity 7. Infra dependencies 8. Elasticity demands 9. Maintenance complexity

Need to know :

starting from 1173 € per application The duration is an estimation. There is no tools cost is added in the price. Effort includes application assessment activities conducted by HCL. Effort does not include time spent by HCL waiting for concerned stakeholders to rectify infrastructure or network issues, such as sorting out firewall / port restrictions, access privileges, etc. Discovery Tool Pre-requisites need to be enabled before the kick-off of the project. Application/Infra SME will be available as per the project schedule. The unavailability of the SME will impact the project schedule All 200 applications are custom applications. There is no COTS application assessment considered. There are two environments considered for the application (1 Prod, 1 Non-Prod). Each application deployed on max. 6 servers (including both environments, Prod & Non-Prod) Each assessment is dependent on the number and the complexity of an application. The actual prices may vary depending on the environment. All resources are based in offshore India.

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