Data Health Accelerator 5 Week Assessment

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Assess Data Quality Maturity:
  • Determine current capabilities and issues
  • Understand future, desired/needed state
  • Identify and select top 2 data domains
  • Create high level proactive data quality program

Understand Critical Objects:

  • Prioritize up to 8 data objects and 16 data elements
  • Create data rules and profile the data elements
  • Understand the in-scope data estate

Analyze, Remediate and Plan:

  • Perform data quality usage analysis
  • Apply metrics
  • Create data quality dashboard
  • Create a data governance business case and approach
  • Create an audit trail of documentation
  • Present recommendations and remediations
You can take over from there, or rely on Celsior's unique mix of Intentionally Inclusive™ diverse talent sourcing & transfer, or managed services, to progress your data modernization journey.

Intentionally Inclusive™

Celsior Technologies is committed to being an intentionally inclusive organization - meaning all people are provided with equal opportunity - and both the organization and its people realize their full potential.