Connected Products: 6-Hours Workshop


Smart-connected IoT products will play a more important role going forward for many manufacturers. Manufacturers are offering IoT products to add customer value and generate additional revenue.

Aim of the workshop is to explain the implementation of the new technological capabilities and the interventions on the current application landscape necessary for the implementation of the new IoT strategy and fully covering the identified business requirements. From a technical point of view, Cluster Reply's solution is based on an intensive use of the Microsoft Azure platform and all the related IoT modules to better manage the End-to-End solution, in particular:

  • Azure IoT Hub to manage the bi-directional communication with devices;
  • Data Factory, Data Lake Storage and Data Explorer to to stream monitoring & alerting and archives telematic by data using data quality mechanism;
  • Application Insight and Log Analytics to monitor the platform and for troubleshooting needs;
  • API Management to interact with third party systems;
  • Device Provisioning Services and Traffic Manager to grant the business continuity.

Moreover, a dedicated Web Admin Portal can be implemented to monitoring dashboards, access to configure the equipment, manage the inventory and track their location. Tools such as Power Bi and Excel can be used to build reports and perform data analysis.

This kind of project can have a wide impact on all the business value chain:

  • Sales & Marketing team can take advantage from products usage, User Experience and Customer behaviour knowledge data and this allows them to make better sales forecast and improve planning
  • After Sales & Customer Service can see live diagnostics information about the products, make some predictive maintenance activities and provide a targeted customer support
  • Technical Service/Engineering Team can monitor the products performance and quality
  • Research & Development Team can monitor products usage and collect information for future improvements
  • Production Team can make better production forecast and improved planning

The main benefits of attending this workshop and follow our approach are:

  • understand your as-is situation
  • learn how to connect your product
  • understand Microsoft Azure capabilities and advantages
  • understand the advantages to connect your products (as also briefly introduced before)
  • define a concrete plan for your Internet of Things (IoT) transformation Journey

First Session Agenda:

  • IoT Industry and trends
  • Exploring Microsoft Azure offering and all its benefits
  • Explore possible strategies to enhance scalability and security
  • IoT Transformation Journey
  • Business Case examples
  • Where are you now

Second Session Agenda:

  • Tailor Microsoft Azure offering to your scenario
  • Define your IoT Transformation Journey
  • Valuable insights to meet your goals