Mobile App Innovation in Healthcare: 0.5 Day Briefing

Reply Ltd

A half day briefing to help your healthcare organisation uncover your requirements for modernising your mobile applications and provide you with recommendations based on our approach to innovation.

Mobile Apps have been the catalyst for digital transformation in many industries. The Healthcare sector is a prime example of this with many organisations taking steps to modernise their digital estate to optimise their mobile experience for their colleagues.

At Reply we adopt a modern approach to to the healthcare experience model, taking into account specific challenges faced by your industry:

  • Limited funding and increased costs
  • Increased winter pressures
  • Heightened patient expectations (based on digital B2C experiences in other sectors)
  • Rise of digitization (a wealth of data and services available online)
  • Confidentiality and security as the core

Our approach to Application Modernisation utilises the secure Microsoft Azure platform with built in Security to deliver solutions that empower patients to take control of their healthcare by accessing information, utilising self service applications, receiving live support, right from the palm of their hand. We aim to provide your organisation with an integrated, frictionless healthcare experience, giving more ease, convenience and accessibility, throughout the entire patient journey. A successful mobile application will meet all patient expectations, build engagement, and deliver a compelling experience, whilst being fully secured. We will assist your organisation in managing operational costs by reducing Contact Centres and other brick and mortar based service costs.

We offer a free half day briefing to enable you to understand our approach to Mobile App Innovation and help us to uncover your initial requirements and where we can align. You will leave the briefing with initial recommendations and an invite for a fuller discovery session with our team and your stakeholders to move forward on your digital transformation journey. Please see our attached information for more details on our solutions, including an outline of our partnership on the NHS 24 Application.