Cloud Adoption Journey Roadmap: 4 day workshop

Schuberg Philis

What is the maturity level of your organization; are you ready to accelerate business by the use of Azure technology.

Each Azure cloud adoption project has a clear-cut start, but given the dynamics of the industry today, no organization should ever consider their Azure cloud journey complete. It demands continuous learning, adjusting, and refining. Moreover, the overall success of Azure cloud adoption depends on and impacts non-technical areas of an enterprise, which many organizations tend to overlook. Organizations that thrive on their cloud journey towards Azure understand the scale-up and skill-up efforts needed on their various teams. They also have a clear vision on how to adapt their ways of working to succeed a complex emergent environment.

In this engagement, we help you design an Azure cloud adoption roadmap, including a detailed schedule of workshops and deliverables needed at various stages of the journey. We apply the Schuberg Philis proven cloud adoption framework, but zoom in on each customer’s specific context, business goals, and focus area or industry, with ultimate goal to make you successful on Azure cloud.

We help you: • Establish stakeholder alignment on objectives, desired short-term and long-term outcomes, and budgets. • Evaluate what work is needed to develop a cloud operating model to be successful on Azure. • Indicate which topics of a high-level technical design are required to get started on Azure. • Evaluate team readiness and sketch a scale-up/skill-up roadmap for digital transformation towards Azure. • Assess the existing IT landscape and suggest a roadmap for a brownfield migration towards Azure or a greenfield deployment on Azure for individual workloads or teams

The workshops can be scheduled to your request. They can be planned one after another or spread over time; all in your own pace. Workshop 1: Motivations and Business Outcomes Workshop 2: Stakeholder Alignment Workshop 3: IT Landscape Assessment Workshop 4: Initial Roadmap Creation

After creating an Azure cloud adoption journey roadmap, the next step we recommend is our custom Azure cloud operating model development.