Microsoft Azure Purview Briefing: Half Day

SDK Tek Services Ltd.

SDK will provide a comprehensive overview and live demonstration of Microsoft Purview's standout features, tailored to your organization's platforms, processes, and unique data governance challenges.

Experience Microsoft Purview with SDK

Join us for an half-day session where SDK will deliver the following:

  • Discover Purview with a comprehensive introduction to the solution followed by a live demo of Purview's standout features. SDK's experts will demonstrate how you can turn data governance from a task to an intuitive process.
  • Your needs will be addressed with a deep dive workshop, provided by SDK's experts, that is tailored to your organization, using your examples and unique data governance challenges. SDK will work with you to understand how Purview can be the solution to your organization’s needs.
  • SDK’s Purview Manager tool will be demonstrated by SDK's experts to show how the tool can augment Purview's power. Our Purview Manager will deliver configuration efficiency, allow changes in scale, and provide the flexibility an expandable framework.
Purview's Key Benefits
  • Data source setup that seamlessly integrates your data assets with Purview’s catalog.
  • Searchable cataloging with an emphasis on ease of use to inventory your data assets.
  • Data curation tools to enrich data properties and enhance their value for end-users.
  • Data lineage clarity to visualize your data transformations, and ensure coherence throughout its journey.
  • Data estate overview will empower business leaders with dashboards reflecting actual governance adoption.
  • Custom exploration with SDK's experts investigating specific areas to match your needs, ensuring you get the most out of Purview.
  • Extendable API’s using SDK accelerator (“Purview Manager”) to showcase the benefits of additional Purview features.