Azure Purview: 3-Month Full Implementation

SDK Tek Services Ltd.

SDK's team will work with your organization to implement the Purview foundational service with the self-hosted integrated runtime option. This will include full deployment of SDK's Purview Manager.

Over three months the SDK team will work with your organization to help identify a listing of critical data sources for the organization and implement best practices and standards to ingest those sources into Microsoft Purview. Processes and policies will be defined and developed to aid in data curation, classification, and lineage activities that maximize the full features of Purview. In addition, SDK will implement our Purview Manager Accelerator that will significantly improve automation of repeated tasks and provide a data driven foundation for ease of deployments.

What’s included:

  • Implement Purview foundational service with self-hosted integrated runtime option
  • Full deployment of SDK Tek's Purview Manager Accelerator
  • Define a security matrix to architect Purview roles and responsibilities
  • Implement collections hierarchy and assign associated security roles
  • Perform discovery for data catalog scope and requirements
  • Define up to 10 custom classification rules
  • Define up to 5 scan rule sets and pattern rules
  • Register up to 10 data sources and initiated scanning
  • Import up to 50 glossary term(s) hierarchy and apply to data assets
  • Enable data lineage for applicable platforms
  • Knowledge transfer and training for stakeholders on the use of Purview

Purview Manager benefits:
  • Configuration Efficiency: Provides data driven framework that allows for quick upload of collections, data sources, scans, etc.
  • Changes at Scale: Reliable and repeatable processes for large numbers of assets (e.g., asset moves, deletes, etc.).
  • Expandable API Code Base: Provides additional Purview features exposed by extensive API library.
  • Augmented UI Capability: Enrich configurations and functions supplied by out of the box UI.
  • Environment Deployment: Quickly deploy Purview objects to new environments, ensuring consistency.
  • Disaster Recovery: Quickly rebuild a corrupted Purview Account.

Implementation benefits:
  • Enhanced Data Governance: Gain insights into your data landscape. Apply business glossary terms to data assets, aligning leadership and technical teams with your data strategy.
  • Build Stakeholder Trust: Boost confidence in data accuracy and security. Understand data movement and critical sensitive data like Personally Identifiable Information.
  • Transparent Data Estate: Easily search and catalog data assets. Use business context to find the data you need quickly, reducing analysis time.
  • Secure Data Management: Automate data classification to strengthen security. Certify and promote preferred datasets for analytics.
  • Efficient Deployment: Utilize SDK templates and best practices for rapid deployment. Enhance Purview with advanced techniques, scaling to any environment.

Our approach:
  • Identify critical data sources.
  • Implement best practices for data ingestion.
  • Define data curation, classification, and lineage policies.
  • Utilize Purview Manager for automation and streamlined deployments.

SDK will work with your team as partners to guide and facilitate the Purview implementation including knowledge transition to the support team and comprehensive training to various user group communities.

SDK has a proven track record of success in delivering Microsoft Purview solutions. Our expertise empowers business leaders with vital insights to drive optimal decisions, enabling alignment with corporate strategies in today's fiercely competitive marketplace. Let SDK empower your Purview journey for optimal data management and security.