Azure Datapath 4-Week Implementation


Azure Datapath is a service provided by Servent to help accelerate and expedite your migration to a Modern Data Platform in Azure.

A challenge for many organisations on their cloud journey is how to efficiently assess, migrate, integrate and process large amounts of disparate data within Azure, and how to complete these activities in a secure and streamlined manner.

Our cloud-scale analytics solution has the following goals:

  • Serve data as a product, rather than a by-product
  • Provide an ecosystem of data products, rather than a singular data warehouse that might not best fit your data scenario
  • Drive a default approach to enforce data governance and security

Our cloud scale analytics solution is based on the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform which utilises Azure Purview for data classification, data cataloguing, and data lineage. Azure Blob Storage for a scalable and low cost data lake. Synapse Analytics for data orchestration, data preparation and data warehousing. Power BI for data visualisation, reporting and data analysis. If you require a SaaS data platform Microsoft Fabric can be utilised instead.

The Azure Datapath builds on top of the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework whilst applying the Well-Architected Framework lens.


The tools we use are categorised into four specific areas: Data Assessment, Data Integration, Data Processing and Workload Optimisation.

Azure Datapath ensures that all your data sources and the underlying data are moved, integrated, processed, visualised and optimised in the most efficient manner possible.


  • Only consume the cloud resources required which will eliminate unnecessary spending and bill shock
  • Automate data preparation and curation processes based on the cadence you require
  • Unify disparate data sources in one location, giving you a birds eye view of all your data in one place with Azure Purview
  • Minimal downtime migrations
  • Low cost scalable data storage
  • Visualise your data with Power BI for actionable business insights

With Azure Datapath we can assist you on your journey to a modern enterprise. We will help you overcome some of the typical challenges that frequently see with our customers, such as:

  • Data centre exit
  • Disparate data sources
  • Capacity issues on-premises
  • Security threats
  • Software/hardware refresh
  • Siloed manual data curation processes

By choosing the Azure Datapath from Servent we will provide you with a tried and tested framework for efficiently and securely modernising your most critical data driven workloads to Azure into a cloud-scale analytics solution.

Combining our experience with the Cloud Adoption framework and being a partner of the Azure Migration and Modernisation program, we have developed the Azure Datapath to provide our customers an organised approach which follows CAF best practices and the Well-Architected Framework.

The price of this offering is estimated and will vary depending on which Azure Datapath modules you choose to consume. As it is an entirely modular offering it is not always necessary to choose every component and as a result the price provided is for estimate only.