VDI on Azure 4-Week Implementation


VDI on Azure from Servent helps you build a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) / Desktop as a Service (DaaS) landing zone to accelerate your migration to Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD).


Servent understand the complexity of cloud migration. With VDI on Azure we lessen your migration pain points around VDI workloads as well as being able to help you realise the benefits of moving this workload to the cloud.

Why VDI on Azure?

VDI on Azure is a Servent framework for delivering a WVD landing zone for your VDI workloads. With VDI on Azure we accelerate your WVD migration with step-by-step guidance and technical resources that are customised for your requirements. We help meet your specific needs, regardless of whether you wish to fully migrate to WVD or augment existing VDI platforms such as Citrix, VMware Horizon or Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS).

Our 3 phased approach is as follows:

  • Discovery & Assessment
  • Provisioning
  • Optimisation & Benefits

We also help you make the most of Azure & WVD by introducing tools and processes that promote smarter working, such as automation, monitoring and alerting capabilities available in the Azure platform as well as working with you every step of the way to ensure that you have the right blend of knowledge and skills to support your VDI on Azure investment.

The price of this offering is estimated and will vary depending on the applications under consideration. As it is an entirely modular offering it is not always necessary to choose every component and as a result the price provided is for estimate only.