Defender for IoT : 2 weeks implementation

Smartis d.o.o.

Easy and fast way to gain confidence in Industrial Control System (ICS) / Operation Technology (OT) cybersecurity environment

Smartis, OT/ICS system integrator specialist, offers a full suite of professional services around Microsoft Defender for IoT (previously Azure Defender for IoT) ensuring that organisations gain continuous visibility and threat monitoring for critical OT environments.

Microsoft Defender for IoT helps businesses auto discover IoT and Operational Technology (OT) assets, identify critical vulnerabilities, and detect anomalous activity with behavioral analytics and machine learning. Solution offers flexible deployment options including on-premises, Azure-connected, or hybrid.

Microsoft Defender for IoT incorporates agentless technology from Microsoft's acquisition of CyberX an IoT/OT security company it bought in June 2020.

Smartis as CyberX implementation and support services provider continues working with Microsoft Defender for IoT, helping organization solving cybersecurity challenges in OT environments and building security resilience. Why customers choose SmartIS?

• Experienced Cyber Security Team • References in OT Security • Experience in IoT software development projects • Stream computing and Big Data expertize

Smartis provides a full range of services for Microsoft Defender for IoT solution:

  • PoC (Proof of Concept)
  • Providing solution and all services
  • Security services (Network segmetation, System Hardening, etc.)
  • Integration with other security solutions (SIEM, NGFW, Ticketing, etc.)
  • SLA solution support
  • Managed Security Operations Services – 2nd level support (security incidents, etc.)

Projects typically start as Proof of Concept (POC) where we install Microsoft Defender for IoT in organizational OT network. Solution immediately recognizes all assets and their connections with each other and to other systems. Furthermore Smartis security team reviews vulnerabilities and warnings displayed by the system and gives recommendations to mitigate risks in OT environment.