Azure Strategy Advisory : 4 hour workshop


Softcat's Azure Strategy Advisory service has been developed to guide customers through the Strategy and Plan phases of the Azure Cloud Adoption framework

Moving some or all of your workloads to Azure is a big decision; And one that shouldn’t be undertaken without proper thought and planning.

With the Azure Strategy Advisory service we will work with you to help plan out your cloud adoption to ensure that future projects are successful. Utilising Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure we will guide you through the strategy and planning phases to ensure that the crucial items are considered and included in any future plans.

Following the advisory session we will provide a report outlining the concepts discussed along with recommendations for next steps.

What’s included:

During this service we will cover the fundamental concepts that should be considered during any cloud adoption project, and provide a report outlining our recommended next steps.

The concepts covered include:

  • Busines motivations for cloud adoption
  • Required outcomes from cloud adoption
  • High level digital estate rationalisation
  • First project prioritisation
  • Internal team training plan
  • Initial governance plan
  • Adoption timeline / roadmap

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