Application Modernization 6-Wk Implementation


Accelerate Your Application Modernization through Optimization or Transformation

SoftwareONE’s Application Modernization helps customers to return agility to their organizational applications so that they can respond at the speed required by the business and leverage the use of Microsoft Azure through the modernization process to the cloud. This service allows customers to choose from two modernization tactics: application optimization (re-platform) and application transformation (refactor and rebuild).


Cloud optimization is the process of selecting and assigning the right resources in a PaaS to an application in the correct way. As this approach can be done quite quickly, this could be a first step into a transformation initiative.


SoftwareONE will either rebuild an application from zero using cloud-native technologies, or refactor the existing source code and rearchitect an application to transform it into a cloud-native application. This professional service will enable the true capabilities of cloud for the application a customer has chosen.

With both tactics, SoftwareONE will deliver:

• Design an optimization project with aligned project requirements and prepare the application environment and tools

• Transition an application to the cloud, based on an optimized database migration and deployment