Spotlight Consulting: 1-hour Assessment


Lucient supports you in a free 1-hour session to find a solution path to your SQL Server Data Management issues, or to evaluate if migrating to the Cloud is an option for your organization.

  • Do you know the cause of your SQL Server issues?
  • Do you have doubts or concerns about the security of your data and your SQL environment?
  • Are you dissatisfied with the performance of your business applications?

Taking care of your Data Platform and ensuring it performs optimally is a top priority for any organization. When issues arise, looking through your manuals, inquiring in forums, or even watching tutorials on the Internet, may have helped you in the past to find partial fixes to your issues. However, finding the whole solution to your SQL problems, takes too long, and by then, it could be too late.

Lucient’s Spotlight Consulting is a free - 60-minute session - that will save you time and effort With several decades of combined experience in SQL Server troubleshooting, we have the skills and methodology to diagnose the right issue quickly and efficiently for your technical headache.

Lucient supports your team, by discussing your SQL Server issues, and by assessing possible solutions, to facilitate a smooth fix to your SQL Server Data Management problems. Whether you are planning to stay on the same version, update to a later version or migrate to the Cloud (Microsoft Azure or any other DB platform!), the health of your databases must be ensured to guarantee a healthy new environment.

Let us talk and find the right path. No strings attached.

Outcome & Deliverables

You will walk away with solutions specific to your needs and learn how to proceed to solve your SQL Server issues, or to evaluate if migrating to the Cloud is an option for your organization. Start working the minute you leave the meeting!