Azure Conditional Access - 2 day implementation

Solvo IT ApS

Azure Conditional Access is leveraging standard politics for Azure AD MFA activations, leveraging 10+ core policies scenario standards for secure governace and compliance.

Solvo Conditional Access make it possible to encrease the End to End securityon the device employees leverage to access company data. This solution is a single shop solution encreasing the company security score, including a wide range of standard security tools and services. Hereby you improve and secure your access todocuments in your OneDrive, mail in Exchange Online and web-baserede portaler as Azure, Office 365, Endpoint Manager among others. Solvo it Conditional Access help you define rules for secure user access for company ressources, from a unsecure device demanding additional access demands. By combining the Solvo it Conditional Access service and implementation, with the Solvo it MFA AD package, you will be able to secure your data, your platform and infrastructure both en a fast and simple way. Solvo it is a highly specialized security partner helping customers implementing Azure Conditional Access is leveraging std. politics for Azure AD MFA activations, leveraging 10+ core policies senario strandards for secure governance and Compliance.

Solvo it ready to customize any specific customer needs, with the foundation in the following three solutions: • Solvo it Azure AD baseline (assessment, surveillance, advisory, emergency and score, and emergency account access) • Solvo it Azure MFA (implementation, activation and advisory) • Solvo it Conditional Access (advisory and activation)