Migrate Biztalk 2013/16->2020/Azure:3-Hr Workshop


Should you migrate your BizTalk 2013/ 2016 Servers to BizTalk 2020 or directly to Azure Integration Services? Let´s discuss your company-strategy and find the right way for your integration platform.

Microsoft has released BizTalk 2020. Without much media hype, rather quiet. That´s because Microsoft's integration solutions are now focused on the Azure-based integration services. In this online workshop, we show how Microsoft positions itself in the integration environment and how BizTalk 2020 fits into it. We will help you find the right way for your own integration plattform and how to get there by migrating the existing one.

Agenda: After a short overview of Microsoft´s technology stack we will listen closely to you: what kind of technologies do you use for integration today? Which applications exchange data already and which are planned to interchange data? What is your IT strategy and plan for the future? After asking you these kind of questions we will design a first draft of a future architecture for you and discuss pro and cons with you.

Goal: Our goal will not be to simply explain, why you should use Azure for all kinds of integration. But to really find the best architecture consisting of BizTalk and / or Azure that fits your needs best. We will look into costs, speed of rollout, easiness of development and maintenance, monitoring of the dataflow, service level agreements and all other criteria that is important to you. And we will give you clear advice on how to migrate from your existing platform to the target platform.

Experts: This workshop will be led by real integration architects with at least 10 years of own experience with the Microsoft integration technologies.