7 Point Cloud Readiness Check: 3 days Checkup

Swiss IT Security AG

Take your company to the cloud: Our 7 Point Cloud Readiness Check gets you cloud-ready and helps you set up a migration roadmap in no time.

Ready to take the plunge and move your business to the cloud? Don’t risk losing time, focus or internal resources: Let the Security Gurus from Swiss IT Security AG run you through our 7 Point Cloud Readiness Check and set up a cloud roadmap. Go from an initial cloud assessment and consulting to a wholistic integration and 24/7 maintenance in no time, from one single source and according to a simple Pick&Choose principle: We can perform either all seven or one single check and implement the solutions you need.

The Swiss IT Security AG security and cloud experts have extensive experience helping customers on their journey to the cloud, from small organizations to large-scale operations. To ensure a safe, fast, and lasting transition, we have developed a 7-point check to get you started and avoid any risks or missteps.

Our process: Once we have an understanding of your corporate requirements and physical landscape, we go through our Readiness Check or perform individual checks and solutions according to you needs – pick&choose! These are the details:

Cloud Strategy Review

Whether you are starting from scratch or have a cloud approach on paper that needs validating, our Swiss IT Security AG cloud experts review, map out and improve your cloud strategy. Together with your key stakeholders and executives we point you in the right direction and assess a Cloud-First, Hybrid or on-prem migration first.

Compliance Requirements & Governance Checks

Enforcing cloud compliance and governance needs more than your basic security techniques. We will help you comply with internal or external security and privacy standards, such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU. We have dedicated experts in each field, such as PCI DSS compliance in case you are running a secure payment system.

Identity Management Check

A thorough review of your identity management systems, including policy and features assessment, including an evaluation of which multi-factor identification methods used.

Device Assessment

Your devices are the star of your IT and a key element of your business – whether you’re using thin clients or full-on desktop systems, our Swiss IT Security AG experts lay out the best migration path.

Collaboration & Communications Evaluation

For successful internal collaboration among your employees and external parties, communication tools need to help you integrate your collaboration solution of choice and review your licensing spent; for instance, when Teams is already part of a Microsoft 365 solution or if Outlook on-prem can easily be replaced by Outlook 365.

Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop Readiness Check

An evaluation of how Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop fits in your infrastructure. A work-from-anywhere enabler, AVD gets you streamlines your workplace and reduces maintenance cost noticeable. Click here for more details about the Azure Virtual Desktop Starter Kit by Swiss IT Security AG.

License Check & Cost Savings

As a final step in our cloud evaluation journey, our team takes inventory of your entire licensing system to help you migrate or cut costs when certain apps or services are no longer required once you have fully moved to the cloud.

A Tailor-made Cloud for your Business

Most important of all: We will carefully evaluate every single part of your IT and your unique Jobs-to-be-Done to determine which parts of your business benefit from a cloud migration or which parts should rather stay on-prem. Some pieces of your IT puzzle might better remain in your local network infrastructure, in cases where bandwidth is an issue or where governance requires data to remain local servers. No matter the strategy: You’ll get the perfect cloud for the right job.