Azure Arc: 6 Wk Implementation

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Why Azure Arc?

It is complex to manage enterprise workloads that are spanned across multiple environments such as On Premises, Multiple Clouds and Edge locations. Azure Arc enables a single pane of glass view of heterogeneous environments and ability to govern and manage resources in a consistent way. Azure Arc Solution offers simplified management, faster app development and consistent Azure services for hybrid and multi cloud environments.

Tech Mahindra’s Managed Platform for Adaptive Cloud (mPAC) delivers Hybrid Multi-Cloud Management Framework for Accelerated Cloud Transformation.

Value Proposition : Brainscale A Tech Mahindra Company is Launch Partner for Azure Arc

Hybrid and Multi Cloud Management Challenges:
  • Lack of Visibility for enterprise workloads spread across On Premises, Multiple Clouds and Edge Locations
  • Each Cloud Environment has own set of Management Tools and Operations hence difficult to manage
  • Challenge of inventory management and organize resources spanned across Multiple Environments
  • Complexity to apply standard Security Policies across different environments
  • Address regulatory requirements for Governance & compliance on distributed workloads
  • Complexity of Application and Data Development on various Cloud Platforms

How Azure Arc addressing above challenges:
  • Unified View:
    Single Pane of Glass to view various workloads together, such as Virtual Machines, Databases, Kubernetes clusters etc. spread across Hybrid and multiple cloud environments.
  • Simplified Management:
    Leverage familiar Azure Management Tools, capabilities and extend Azure Services to various Cloud environments
  • Organized Resources:
    Organize resources across distributed locations and ease of inventory management with searching & Indexing capabilities.
  • Standard Security:
    Apply Standard security Policies for workloads spread across different environments.
  • Governance & Compliance:
    Ensure consistent Governance and compliance to meet regulatory requirements
  • App and Data Modernization:
    Accelerate App modernization by building cloud native apps on any environment using Kubernetes. Run Azure Data and Machine Learning Services on Kubernetes

Our portfolio of services incudes
  • Consulting / Strategy / Advisory
  • Assessment, Design & Procure
  • Deployment / Implementation & Configuration
  • Hybrid & Multi Cloud Management
  • Managed Services