Migration to Microsoft Azure: 1-day Assessment

Transition Technologies MS S.A.

TTMS consulting services which enable to migrate machines and Customer's services to the Azure - 1 day Assessment

The main goal for this 1-day assessment is to provide an overview for the Customer about the business advantages of migration their machines and services to the Microsoft Azure.

This assessment consist of several parts:

  1. The initial meeting with the CIO/CTO/CEO - presentation of the proposed success criteria and project scope

  2. Data collection • A fast scan of the customer’s existing server infrastructure using MAP or the customer's tools, including on-premises and cloud (for each in-scope environment and allowable time for data collection) • An inventory of the customer’s physical and virtual servers, including relevant performance metrics, sufficient as to produce Azure sizing models for the Customer

  3. Analysis This data, along with the additional customer discovery, will provide a basis for the development of the Assessment Report. • Review of current environment mapped to the proposed cloud environment based on the customer’s goals, including an assessment of capabilities and barriers to move to the cloud. • Identification and analysis of Azure migration candidates, categorized into relevant states - End of Support, Test and Development, etc.

  4. The final presentation of the Assessment Report

The product of the assessment is the Assessment Report, which includes:

  1. Executive Summary: A high-level summary of the Customer present situation, data discovery, advice
  2. Summary of Current Environment: A summary review of the customer’s data center environment captured in data collection, being sure to: a. Identify risks to business on data security loss and vulnerabilities by identifying current or upcoming end-of-life products b. Determine Cloud Readiness – report on assets that are ready to migrate to Azure.
  3. Recommended Next Steps: Provide a Recommendation Plan addressing benefits, budgetary comparison, and next possible assessment steps for their cloud journey.
  4. Quick Win candidates for the fast migration track.