Azure Architecture Consult: 10-12 Week Assessment


27Global is a Microsoft Gold-level partner with extensive experience architecting Azure infrastructure to align with clients' business strategies and guide future app, data, & cloud initiatives.

Through extensive experience architecting Azure-based solutions, 27Global has created a unique, data-driven approach to Enterprise Architecture that supports an organization’s evolving needs by organizing and optimizing infrastructure in Azure to align with business goals and enabling tech-driven operating models.


  1. STRATEGY DEFINITION By interviewing executives and other stakeholders, 27Global will-
  • Learn the client’s business objectives, growth strategy, and overall vision for the company
  • Facilitate the creation of a Azure technology strategy that aligns with business objectives, growth objectives, etc. and aligns with current conditions
  1. CURRENT CONDITIONS ASSESSMENT 27Global will meet with key stakeholders to learn and document all aspects of the current infrastructure, operational systems and processes, and data sources. The resulting assessment deliverable will include-
  • Architectural diagram of physical assets with logical interactions of current architecture and data flow across the organization.
  • Application portfolio inventory documenting applications' functional capabilities and ranked prioritization to the business (ie- Mission Critical, Business Critical, Important)
  • Assessment of each application's functional and technical alignment, any overlaps, and their financial impact.
  • SWOT analysis/evaluation of Current Conditions findings
  1. DESIRED STATE DEVELOPMENT The Desired State is a key component in making value-based decisions on future architecture development. To ensure future business goals are supported, we take the knowledge gained from the Strategy Definition phase and align it with a value-based Desired State architecture. This model will include/incorporate-
  • High-level information requirements, profiled by function, user group, business unit and associated data sources.
  • Information system architecture requirements, based on best practices
  • Gap analysis between Current Conditions and the Desired State model.
  • Defined, Azure-based technology strategy + how it is aligned to business goals/overall vision
  1. REFERENCE ARCHITECTURE Based on the results of the Desired State phase, 27Global will-
  • Evaluate current technology solutions' potential to support current and future needs
  • Identify additional and/or viable Azure solutions that will satisfy capability gaps + high-level cost estimates
  • Provide Desired State Reference Architecture that will detail Azure/hybrid infrastructure, application architecture, and data platforming for Azure
  1. ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE FRAMEWORK + ROADMAP Based on the previously identified, high-level requirements to achieve the Desired State, 27Global will deliver an Enterprise Architecture Roadmap that will include-
  • The strategic plan to get from current state to desired state, including an overview of supporting IT projects to be delivered.
  • Desired State architecture framework, including mapping of business capabilities, processes, integration, and enterprise data flow.

After the completion of the above phases, 27Global is prepared to partner with our clients on executing their EA Roadmap through the successful implementation of the Desired State.

*Cost and duration are estimates and will vary by project. Please contact 27Global for more information.