Azure Containers Quick Start - 3D Workshop


Get to know the Azure Container ecosystem in a hands-on workshop

Container technologies represent a departure from your previous cloud and software strategy. We will advise and support you in your transformation. For example, with a container workshop that explains simply and understandably what Kubernetes is and what concrete advantages the technology brings. We will also demonstrate the architectural possibilities of Azure Kubernetes Services, Azure Container Instances and Azure Container Apps.

This workshop is for customers who want to gain container experience or already have experience in the container environment (RedHat OpenShift, Rancher, Vanilla Kubernetes) and better understand the Azure Container Services ecosystem.

Workshop Deliverables:

Day 1 - Learn Basics about Container & Kubernetes & Overview of Azure Container Services

  • Azure Architecture
  • Azure Kubernetes Service
  • Azure Container Instance
  • Azure Container Apps
  • Azure Container Registry

Day 2 - Setup an Azure Kubernets Cluster with App

  • Setup an Azure Kubernetes Cluster
  • CI/CD a 2-Tier Application (Web & Database)

Day 3 - Conclusion

  • Completion of the container setups
  • Summary of the two days
  • Documentation of the setup (documentation).
  • Questions and answers

What can be expected from the workshop:

  • For beginners: A good basic understanding of Azure Container Technologies
  • For advanced users: Peculiarities and structure of the Azure container technologies and their interaction.
  • Runnable demo app in an own cluster incl. associated CI/CD pipeline