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Velotix is a Dynamic Policy-Based Access Control (DPBAC) engine that enables self- service, real-time, and secure access, and usage of data for Microsoft Azure users.

In a world of constantly evolving data models with constant regulations and rules to apply and track, risks and fines are paralyzing business agility. Velotix removes this pain with data orchestration and governance through its unique patented Cybernetic Symbolic AI (IP), giving data teams the ability to automate privacy protection at scale, so the right people access the right data at the right time.

Velotix is a Dynamic Policy-Based Access Control (DPBAC) engine that enables self- service, real-time, and secure access and usage of data for Microsoft Azure users. Implementation of Velotix allows Microsoft users to extend their use of Azure services by providing data democratization capabilities, allowing efficient, secure, and compliant data access. Our expertise in the Data Governance sector is a perfect complement to Microsoft Azure's cloud services.


Self-Service Data Access Velotix authorizes real-time data to people while complying with a dynamic organization policy. We enable Azure users to use data sources safely and improve approval processes for workflows, audit trails, and more. Our platform works with multiple data sources such as Azure Synapse, Azure Blob Storage (ABS) supporting CSV and Parquet files, Microsoft SQL and Azure SQL databases, MySQL and others.

Smart Tagging Utilize the Velotix tagging system with the Azure databases technologies to capture metadata with a fully synced taxonomy to auto-reflect bi-directional changes between Velotix and Azure Purview. Our smart tagging functionality identifies private information spanning multiple datasets to prevent breaches. Organizations have the ability to scale policy enforcement using metadata, context, and user attributes through integration with Azure Active Directory while accessing data with our patented DPBAC.

Fine Grained Access Controls for Data Privacy Velotix’s advanced AI-powered engine filters, masks, and anonymizes data stored in Azure. This allows organizations to decrease regulatory risk and penalties by complying with regulations and organizational policies in real-time while providing data visibility to the users.

Advanced Data Lineage Velotix’s platform facilitates the process of understanding, recording, and visualizing data as it flows from data sources to consumption. This includes all transformations the data underwent along the way—how the data was transformed, what changed, and why. Velotix tracks and logs data access across your Azure cloud data ecosystem, providing end-to-end auditing and reporting capabilities and anomaly alerts to identify organizational risk level.

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