Azure Well-Architected Review: 4-day Assessment


VOLO’s Azure Well-Architected Review assessment provides benchmark to validate cloud application workloads against global best practices to design action plan and implement recommended modifications.

VOLO, a software development company with 15+ years of expertise, is an outstanding service provider helping customers to migrate and modernize their applications, as well as build cloud native apps. VOLO accelerates customer's Azure workloads' migration and provides Azure cloud management and governance services.   VOLO is as well Microsoft’s Advanced Specialized Partner for Kubernetes on Azure implementations. VOLO has successfully completed Azure hosted application containerization and deployment projects with numerous customers from US and Western Europe.

VOLO’s Azure Well-Architected Framework (WAF) assessment scope encompasses all five pillars of Azure WAF:

1. Cost management

2. Operational excellence

3. Performance efficiency

4. Reliability

5. Security

After VOLO’s Well-Architected Review assessment, clients would be able to target the necessary and critical changes or modifications in their digital estate, to leverage cost structure improvements, process and workflow efficiency, resource manageability, deployment best practices, application performance, reliability, as well as security improvements.

Deliverables of the Azure Well-Architected Review Assessment are:

• Introductory session-workshop on Azure Well-Architected Framework and Azure Advisor

• Discovery of WAF components in client’s digital estate

• Azure Well-Architected Review implementation

• Detailed reports from Azure Well-Architected Review tool assessments

• Detailed workshop on recommendations and remediations for each of the five WAF pillars: cost management, operational excellence, performance efficiency, reliability and security

• Detailed workshop on progress evaluation and milestone updates

• Documentation of necessary remediation action plan

The assessment sessions can be held both online or offline, depending on appropriate arrangements and agreements.