Contact us for our 2-day workshop, powered by Wissen, to uncover transformative Gen AI strategies tailored for your company's growth and innovation

Wissen Technology

Gen AI advisory workshop to strategically harness the transformative power of AI, positioning your business at the forefront of innovation and ensuring a competitive edge in tomorrow's marketplace.

Generative AI Advisory service from Wissen technology

As a cutting-edge consulting company, we provide a broad spectrum of services centered on Generative AI and Azure OpenAI. Recognizing the transformative potential of artificial intelligence, we leverage these advanced tools to empower businesses to innovate and thrive in the AI era.

Our Consultation service Includes:

  1. Introducing a Generative AI landscape with emphasis on Azure Open AI service.
  2. Identify business cases that can benefit from Generative AI.
  3. Discuss if you would benefit from fine-tuning pre-trained AI models.
  4. Introduction to our capabilities and portfolio of ML/AI tools.