Infrastructure as Code - IaC: 10 Week Pilot & Consulting Offer

Xoriant Corporation

IaC (Infrastructure as a code) is the provisioning and management of infrastructure. Reduce Total Cost, Quicker adoption, and ROI realization on Azure.

IaC (Infrastructure as a code) is the provisioning and management of infrastructure using the principle that the same source code generates the same output, an IaC model generates the same environment every time it is applied.

It eliminates human errors and misconfigurations, or mis-provisioning of infrastructure, making it a repeatable and consistent. It saves costs of operations. Reduces time to production increasing the cloud adoption and thus enabling quicker ROI

The IaC provides a comprehensive ability to declare the storage, network, and compute assets but also additional services, including load balancers, monitoring, and security controls. 

Offer Summary – Consultation + 6 Week Pilot

  • Provide and implement packages for IaC
  • Customizations with additional charge
  • Deployment pipelines and orchestration for application PODS in AKS at additional charge

Azure components Used:

  • Azure Network (VNET), Azure Storage, Azure VMs, and AKS
  • Integrate with Jenkins, or Bamboo, or Azure DevOps pipeline in-use


  1. Execute IaC for pilot, report the results
  2. Provides execution status and audit logs
  3. Train teams to use the solution


  • Deploy multiple different environments with reusable code
  • Create uniform, consistent, stable infrastructure and services at scale
  • Customize to include additional services/components in Azure
  • Reduced time to production for infrastructure to weeks/days from months/weeks
  • Enable teams to focus on customer value through cloud services
  • Achieve Idempotency, High visibility, Automated deployment, immutability, and orchestration