Cloud Cost Workshop


Our free 2 hour Cloud Cost Management Workshop focuses on two topics: analyzing costs and optimizing workloads. We'll tailor this workshop to you, let's get your cloud costs under control.

It can be a challenge to control costs once your workload is in the cloud. It’s natural for your cloud bill to grow as you utilize more cloud native benefits, but there could be ways to optimize usage and architecture to make the most out of your environment.

Zirous' complimentary Cloud Cost Management Workshop will help you analyze your Azure cloud environment to find where your costs are coming from, provide recommendations to improve it, and even provide the implementation skills to make those changes for you so you can focus on your next great innovation. The workshop focuses on two main topics: optimizing your workload and analyzing costs.

Our 4 step process:

  1. Analyze Costs - Leveraging the cost management tools within Azure, we will evaluate your current and forecasted costs per subscription and resource group.
  2. Analyze Resources - Review the usage of the current resources deployed to each subscription and resource group. This analysis will look at resources modifications that can reduce cost without impacting the business.
  3. Recommend - Quite often there is no one way to fix an issue, we provide a list of recommendations for ways to make cost effective changes that make the biggest impact, while considering the impact to the business as a whole.
  4. Implement - Once the recommendations have been selected by your team, our experts can do the changes for you. We understand that your team has a lot on their plate, we can do the necessary fixes to let your team focus on what they do best.

With this cost management workshop, you get measurable results in your environment and Zirous expertise and advice on the next best steps moving forward. Our mission is to help you accomplish your goals by providing recommendations, sharing our knowledge, and assisting with training. Whatever your needs may be, we’re with you every step of the way.