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CloudBees Jenkins Platform

Continuous Delivery powered by Jenkins at Enterprise Scale

The CloudBees Jenkins Platform is the proven, fully-featured, enterprise platform for implementing continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) with Jenkins.

Enhancing the same Jenkins that you know and love, the CloudBees Jenkins Platform-Enterprise Edition is a packaging of the core Jenkins platform and specific advanced enterprise features.

CloudBees Jenkins Platform is available for direct purchase from the Azure Marketplace through pre-configured packages designed to meet the deployment needs of your project.

Software Price*:

  • BYOL - 1..5 masters: $0/hr, license or trial required
  • Solo - 1 master, 1 executor: $0.25/hr (~$180/month)
  • Project - 1 master, 5 executors: $1.00/hr (~$720/month)
  • Team - 2 masters, 10 executors: $2.35/hr (~$1692/month)
  • Workgroup - 5 masters, 25 executors: $5.54/hr (~$3990/month)
  • Pro - 10 masters, 100 executors: $12.47/hr (~$8980/month)

* Price per hour reflects software price only. Azure usage additional and dependent upon the size of the chosen VM during the instantiation of the template and of the Azure platform usage such as network or traffic.

The "Project", "Team", "Workgroup" and "Pro" packages are eligible to CloudBees gold support. The "Solo" package is not eligible to CloudBees support.