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Jedox for Azure

Jedox AG
Jedox for Azure 6.0 SR2 BYOL
The solution is purpose-built for Azure and allows you to quickly and easily start your BI- & PM-applications in a cloud environment: in under 10 minutes you can be reporting on and analyzing your data and even create complex planning scenarios. The tightly integrated software framework consists of the Jedox multidimensional OLAP Server, an Excel add-in for OLAP, the Jedox Integration(ETL)-tool, Jedox SAP Connector, a web-based spreadsheet interface and a touch-enabled interface for mobile devices. All data in the Jedox database is stored as a cube in the integrated Jedox OLAP Server and can be processed for corporate planning, analysis and reporting. External data sources can also be quickly and easily integrated into the data model framework via the Jedox ETL feature and a brand-new "data-driven modelling" functionality. Moreover, Jedox is a pioneer in the use of parallel processors (GPU) for in-memory OLAP server and was presented with the "Cool Vendor" award by the Gartner Group in 2013. Jedox applications utilize the user-friendly Excel interface, and are hence very easy and intuitive to use.