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Asianux Server7 SP1

The Best Enterprise Linux OS with many adoption results and High-quality Technical Supports.

“Asianux Server 7 SP1” is an Enterprise Linux OS developed by MIRACLE LINUX CORPORATION, an unique Linux distributor in Japan. It is adopted as various system integration for more than 15 years, and possesses many results. The features of "Asianux" are as follows. 1)Perfect compatibility with "Redhat Enterprise Linux 7" and the application software with which that's supported 2)Many adoption results in mission critical social infrastructures 3)High-level technical supports "Asianux 7" begins to sell in "Microsoft Azure Marketplace" just now. Please check following website about purchase information. Why do not you experience the "Asianux" on Microsoft Azure next? Please feel free to ask us about Asianux.


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