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Vidispine Content Management

Shortcut your R&D with Vidispine - a powerful API-only media content management platform.

Shortcut your R&D with Vidispine

The worlds most comprehensive API-only media content management backbone for developers and media professionals.

  • Discover, manage and transcode your local or cloud based media files on Azure, EBS, CIFS, FTP, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, S3.
  • Integrate with Aspera, Signiant, FileCatalyst, NetApp, Cerify, Avid ++.
  • Authenticate with OAuth2, LDAP, AD, BasicAuth ++.
  • Manage metadata all the way down to frame level.
  • Read and transcode any audio or video format.
  • RESTful API with great .NET SDK.
  • Supports all REST clients incl cURL and Postman.

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