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PHP - Zend Server

Zend Technologies
Zend Server is the best way to run PHP apps on Azure with fully supported PHP runtime and dev tools.
Zend Server on Azure is designed for both development and production. It is the best way to create higher performing applications, and the best way to run mission critical PHP applications in the cloud. Zend Server is an application server paired with the only certified and supported PHP stack, and is designed to scale applications seamlessly across cloud resources. Zend Server is a product of Zend, the PHP Company. With features such as: insights on code and application performance, app deployment automation, performance monitoring, request analysis, and configuration management; your PHP apps will run faster, scale better, and stay up longer.


  • Deploy and scale your PHP apps easily. Apps get deployed to production faster and can scale better (up or down) to meet changing demand.
  • Develop highly performing apps. Z-Ray gives unprecedented, in-context visibility inside apps, by showing in real-time exactly what happens to construct each page presented in your development browser.
  • Get business hour phone support and 3-month data retention with Zend Server Professional.
  • Leverage greater production support SLA, unlimited data retention, and other enterprise-level features with the Enterprise Edition.