Aadiswan CredPro - End-to-end loan origination and monitoring suite (LOS + LMS)

Aadiswan Info Consultants Pvt Ltd

Aadiswan CredPro - End-to-end loan origination and monitoring suite (LOS + LMS)

Aadiswan Info Consultants Pvt Ltd

Integrated Enterprise Credit Lifecycle Platform for Banks

CredPro is a fully integrated Credit Origination, Sanctioning, Monitoring and Risk Management Platform (LOS + LMS), based on a future-proof technical architecture, to enhance banks participation in a potentially competitive and fast changing market. With implementation of CredPro, bank will be able to automate and digitize the end-to-end process starting with customer sourcing to loan sanctioning and up till customer monitoring.

CredPro is based on open standards architecture and it enables easy integration with other peripheral systems such as DMS, LDAP, SMS and Email server etc. It also provides the capability to interface with Core Banking solution, Rating agencies, External company database, AML systems etc. Following is the summary of CredPro modules which are provided within the scope of the licensed CredPro software.

A. Customer Sourcing and Monitoring

a. Customer Sourcing

b. Customer Monitoring

B. Credit Application Preparation and Processing

a. Facility Structuring

b. Collateral Structuring

c. Financial Spreading

d. Conditions and Covenants

e. Credit Note Preparation

f. Assessment and scoring

g. Deviations

C. Credit Approval Processing

a. Credit Approval workflow

b. Approval Efficiency Features

c. Credit Approval and Sanctioning

D. Post Approval Credit Administration

a. Pre and post-disbursal document management

b. Conditions and covenants management

c. Limit set-up memo

E. System Modules

a. User and Role Admin

b. Rule Engine

c. Master Data Management

d. Systems Integration

F. Reports Module

G. Value-added external and internal API integrations

a. Stock/off-the-shelf interface integrations

b. Custom API integrations

Please note that this solution empowers the banks to carry out most of the configurations at their end itself through the solution admin team. This is achieved through a customized solution offering and the implementation varies a lot from bank to bank depending on the risk appetite, market strategy and credit policy of the bank. Hence the pricing also is tailor-made in order to suit the customer's specific software module requirements. Once we receive the bank's interest in our system, our team will get in touch with your respective departments for further steps to help you finalize the software components needed and the prices for each of those software components.

Feel free to reach out to us at or or for more details. Alternately, the 'Get it now' link on the panel on the left side may also be clicked to request for a call back and register the interest of the bank for this product.