Managed Azure AD B2C

Amesto Fortytwo AS

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Managed Azure AD B2C

Amesto Fortytwo AS

(3 评分)

Amesto Fortytwo Managed B2C is a standardized method of delivering a Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solution based on Azure AD B2C, deployed to your own subscription, in your own Azure environment.

A Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solution is used to provide your developers and application vendors a single interface to interact with customer identities. This essentially means that all of your customer facing applications can leverage the same authentication platform using open standards such as OpenID Connect, rather than needing to implement authentication from scratch, causing a fractured customer experience.

Your applications will interact with the Azure AD B2C, while Azure AD B2C will take care of rendering a user interface, integrating with external identity providers, storing passwords (when applicable) and calling external services for data aggregation or registration, such as CRM for customer identifier.

Azure AD B2C

  • Lets you choose how your customers sign in to your solution:
    • Vipps
    • Social - Facebook, Google, Microsoft, etc.
    • ID-porten
    • Username and password
    • Azure AD work account
    • And more
  • Lets you fully customize the user experience, with JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  • Integrates with your CRM system through APIs
  • Enables Single Sign-On (SSO) between your different customer facing applications
  • Has possible migration paths from any existing customer identity solution. Our experts have experience from lots of previous migrations, from many different solutions.
  • Allows you to bring your own domain, such as
  • Provides globally available authentication


Amesto Fortytwo's identity experts have platform experience going back to early private preview (2017), and have delivered solutions in all sizes, ranging from SMB to companies with millions of active users per month.

Delivered services

The following services are provided as additions to the Azure AD B2C identity platform, to properly manage, maintain and monitor the solution:
  • Identity experts available for developers to consult with (T&M)
  • Continuous deployment from Amesto Fortytwo, always running the latest version of the managed service
  • Availability monitoring
    • Changes in sign-in success rate
    • Certificate and secret monitoring for app registrations
    • Custom domain certificate monitoring
    • Azure resource availability (Storage account, Front Door, etc.)
  • Incident response within standard business hours (T&M)
  • Deployment of a standardized set of Log Analytics workbooks
  • Dashboard with metrics
  • Break-glass feature, with access to provision operator access
  • Configuration backup
  • Template for Azure DevOps, for policy deployment. Can be configured in customer environment, or Azure DevOps environment provided by Amesto Fortytwo
  • As an option a *Developer documentation* can be added to scope. This can be of great benefit to both developers and system administrators

Your developers might also like

  • Microsoft provides integration SDKs for many platforms
  • Configurable user journey steps, such as token enrichment, API calls, etc.
  • Support for OpenID Connect and SAML
  • Support for Single Page Applications (SPAs)
  • Support for frontend / backend API split using consents

Delivery process

Our structured Azure AD B2C delivery method is split into the following four phases:

Infrastructure enablement and continuous improvement

An Azure Lighthouse delegation from customer to Amesto Fortytwo is established through Azure Marketplace, and our CI/CD pipelines are utilized to enable the platform, with all components in your own Azure subscription. All consultant hours in this phase are included in the Azure AD B2C Managed Service cost, including any required updates or changes to the platform.

After the infrastructure has been enabled, we will maintain and monitor it with our specialized tools.

Application discovery

Our consultant have experience in migrating large, fractioned environments to Azure AD B2C. During this phase, we will help you to discover all applications, APIs, etc., that needs to be integrated with Azure AD B2C. Delivered as T&M.

User journeys

A user journey is both the non-technical user experience design and a technical implementation of that design. Our experienced consultants will help you to implement optimal user journeys for your customers. Delivered as T&M.

Application integration

Our consultants have lots of experience in helping developers make the right choices when integrating applications with Azure AD B2C. Delivered as T&M.