Arctic EWS

Arctic Security Oy

Arctic EWS

Arctic Security Oy

Arctic EWS offers you continuous monitoring of your network for cyber security threats.

Everyday Arctic EWS gathers, filters, and prioritizes millions of cyber security observations and matches them to individual organizations in order to create relevant alerts and reporting to improve their security posture.

Arctic EWS categorizes notifications into different priority levels that focus on compromised systems, remotely exploitable services, and other important cybersecurity issues that create publicly accessible weak points in your external network.

Arctic EWS is a cost-effective service that compliments your existing security measures by adding an extra layer of security to catch incidents that have passed through your current security solutions.

Prices start at 1000/month for companies up to 1000 employees

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Features of service:

- Unique dataset

- Continuous monitoring (24/7/365) for:

    • Suspected compromises
    • Known vulnerabilities
    • Public exposure
    • Potential threats

- Daily, prioritized, and actionable notifications

- Company dashboard

- Monthly reporting

Benefits to IT team:

- Quick, easy, and non-invasive launch

- Deliver alerts to the right people

- Reduce time-to-fix for issues

- Eliminate false positives

- Gap and misconfiguration discovery

Benefits to business:

- Preventative approach to cybersecurity risks

- Measurable impact over time

- Affordable and predictable cost