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AI & Multimedia Platform

Azure Media Services (AMS) Retirement Perfect Alternative

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BlendVision One

Video On Demand (VOD) & Audio Streaming
Stream globally, watch seamlessly, on any screen - with our simplified online video platform.

  • PTE (Per-Title-Encoding) for bitrate and storage optimization
  • Smart ABR (Adaptive Bitrate) streaming for multi-platform.
  • Multiple resolutions from 240P to 4K
  • Multi codecs: AVC (H.264), HEVC (H.265)
  • HLS and DASH manifest
  • Auto-generated Transcription
  • Hosting with built-In CDN delivery

Live Streaming
From capture to playback, our ultra-low latency livestream delivers immersive viewing experiences and seamless engagement with your global audience.

  • Live streaming (Up to 4K)
  • Simulive streaming with pre-recorded videos
  • DVR (start-over)
  • Ultra-low latency (ULL)
  • Live-to-VOD replay
  • Signal ingestion: RTMP, RTMPS
  • HLS and DASH Manifest
  • Live event hosting and customized showrooms
  • Interaction tools (chatrooms, polls)

Content Protection
Stream with a fortified DRM solution. Keep your videos safe from unauthorized access with comprehensive content protection options.

  • DRM (FairPlay, Widevine, PlayReady)
  • Watermark: Customized Images, Viewer IDs
  • Domain Restrictions
  • Geo-Region Restrictions
  • Access Controls and Concurrent Device Limitations
  • Playback Date/time Scheduling

Enjoy an easy-to-configure player that adapts to every viewing platform.

  • iFrame (Web & iOS/Android WebView)
  • Web SDK
  • iOS SDK
  • Android & Android TV SDK

  • Real-time Messaging
  • Polls
  • Custom Word Filters
  • Custom Sticker
  • Admin-Controlled Bans
  • Pinned Announcements

Make informed decisions and measure your success using aggregated data.

  • Playback & Chat Metrics
  • Custom User IDs
  • Pre-built Dashboard
  • Exportable Reports

API and SDK Integration
Build and customize your streaming service with comprehensive APIs and SDKs. For more information, please refer to our Developer Guide at

Up to 80% Bitrate and Storage Savings
Improve your cost efficiency while streaming high-resolution content with technologies powered by BlendVision.

  • Per-Title Encoding (PTE)
  • Perceptual Streaming Engine (PSE)
  • High Efficiency Video Codecs (HEVC/H.265)

BlendVision AiSK

AI-powered conversational assistant
Empower your data with AI and deliver precise and insightful answers with BlendVision AiSK.

  • Universal Source Compatibility
VOD, Video Files (mp4, mov, avi, etc.), Document Files (PDF, Doc, Docx, etc.), Weblinks, Applications
  • AI-Powered Multimedia Transcription
  • Intuitive AI Semantic Search
  • Authentic AI Responses with Citations
  • Effortless Multi-Platform Deployment
  • Modular Design Knowledge Management
  • Customization & Styling

Use Cases and Industries

  • e-Learning Platform
    Instantly recommend tailored learning resources.
  • Enterprise Communication
    Consolidate disparate videos into a smart assistant.
  • Retail and E-Commerce
    Consolidate information from influencer unboxing videos.
  • Media
    Locate video segments from a massive array of raw files.
  • Legal Service
    Quickly search through online meeting transcripts

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