SCIM and HR Onboarding Bridge for Azure AD

Cerby, Inc.

SCIM and HR Onboarding Bridge for Azure AD

Cerby, Inc.

SCIM and HR onboarding bridge for user SSO, account provisioning, updating, and deprovisioning

61% of applications don't support standards like SAML and SCIM which means you can't leverage the power of Azure AD to manage them. This is where Cerby comes in to save the day.

Key challenges Cerby solves
  • Applications that don't support SSO - Cerby creates an SSO-like experience for any app leveraging the power of your existing IdP.
  • Applications that don't support SCIM - Cerby's SCIM bridge extends the power of your IdP's lifecycle management capabilities to any app.
  • Disabled 2FA - Cerby's robotic process automation (RPA) can automatically provision and enforce 2FA enrollment in any application
  • Shared passwords - Cerby makes it easy to share access to accounts, thereby eliminating shared passwords and the risk of password re-use by tying all access back to your IdP
  • Visibility - Applications that don't support SAML and SCIM generate audit logs but they are often held locally in the application. Cerby solves this by collecting these access logs and making them available to your SIEM.

How Cerby works

Cerby works using a combination of RPA and application APIs, enabling Cerby to create points of programmatic control even when the application itself does not expose them. Cerby leverages a browser plugin to play back programmed automation flows. This enables the Cerby platform to securely manage and automate critical security hygiene tasks for any application without being limited by the platform’s underlying APIs.

Automate access

Today, adding, removing, and sharing access to applications like Facebook and Twitter is manual. With Cerby, you can link these tasks to employee creation and removal events in systems like Azure AD, even if the application isn’t supported. One click adds or removes access everywhere in any application.

Centralize contact management
For accounts managed outside of Azure AD (or any IdP), users often use personal emails and phone numbers to set up critical features like 2FA. With Cerby, provision and set corporate-owned contact points to ensure a user never walks out the door with account control.

Track usage
Ever tried to track what’s going on across your applications that aren’t integrated with Azure AD? It’s hard. With Cerby, all access is individualized and tracked, even when multiple users access the same account.

Craft tight permissions
For shared accounts, you may not want a particular user to be able to carry out some operations, like resetting a password or accessing financial information. With Cerby, configure and apply your roles–even when users access the same account! The security team’s dreams do come true with Cerby.