Blicker - utility meter readout assistant

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Blicker - utility meter readout assistant

Clockworks Data Innovation B.V.

Faultless AI-powered utility meter readings from a single photo in seconds

Blicker is the intelligent meter readout assistant; a cloud-based solution for reading water- gas and electricity meters automatically from images, in real-time and with super-human accuracy. Based on the state-of-the-art in artificial intelligence and computer vision, this solution allows for real-time digitization of analog and digital assets in the utility domain without costly replacements.

In contrast to classic image recognition techniques, this solution is able to read images in the challenging conditions that utility meters are often found in. For example when a meter is dirty, in a dark area or when a photo can only be taken at a difficult angle or from a distance. Additionally the solution works on images of low resolution, which allows images to be taken and sent with cheap hardware and low data-throughput.

Blicker is available as an API, allowing high throughput, load and scale, while not compromising on robustness, up-time and security. The API can be integrated in every existing digital application. Also, meter photos and data will be available for sorting and downloading in the Blicker portal – a central place to easily solve anomalies, view trends and resolve customer disputes around meter readings.

Having proven use- and value cases, Blicker is trusted by many utility and network operation companies world wide. Blicker provides business value in processes such as:

  • Reducing costs through operational efficiency (accuracy of billing, reduction of back-office support)
  • Increased field force efficiency (service engineers, meter readers, ...)
  • Increased customer satisfaction by providing first time right meter readings and accuracy of billing
  • Increased data quality and quantity, allowing for optimized asset management and predictive maintenance

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