ehCOS Critical Care


ehCOS Critical Care


Helping healthcare professionals make accurate decisions and save lives

What is ehCOS Critical Care?
ehCOS Critical Care is a continuous information system to help healthcare professionals make accurate decisions in all phases.

Health challenges in the area of critical care:
  1. Critically ill patients

  2. Stressful environment and numerous life support devices

  3. Many professionals in little physical space

  4. High costs

  5. Noise pollution from alarms

  6. High turnover of intensive staff

Why customers should use ehCOS Critical Care

ehCOS Critical Care makes it easier for critical care doctors and nurses (such as ICU, Anesthesia, or Resuscitation) to access data across multiple devices in real time and perform accurate clinical interventions.

This data is available at all times, avoiding information gaps, reducing uncertainty, increasing patient safety, enabling anticipation and improving clinical practice and favoring the generation of knowledge.

ehCOS Critical Care has been built by experienced critical care professionals and engineers to optimize clinical workflows, improve usability and patient safety during care, and ensure the best ROI.

Improve to focus on the main goal: save lifes.

  • Increases patient safety, allowing to anticipate problems.
  • Ensure continuous patient care

  • Integration of digital history with nursing sheet.
  • Prevent loss of information between areas

  • Increase efficiency

  • Greater ease of training new professionals.
  • Increases service efficiency and reduces hospital costs.